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Discovering Your Dreams at Dragonfly Dance: Sophie's Journey to Musical Theatre

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Sophie, a young woman with a passion for music theatre, recently shared her story with us about her journey to finding the right dance studio to help her reach her goals. Sophie had always been passionate about music theatre but struggled with the dance aspect, which is an integral part of the genre.

"I was looking for a studio that would be accepting and warm - which I definitely found in Dragonfly Dance," said Sophie.

Sophie started dance at age 16, doing a few classes at some other studios, and she was concerned that her dance skills wouldn’t be strong enough for a career in musical theatre. With the help of Dragonfly Dance, she was able to build her confidence and develop a love for dance that would help her achieve her goals.

“I came to dance later in life and it was not my strongest suit yet is a fundamental part of music theatre and a requirement for the audition. The classes helped me to build my confidence, helping me immensely in the audition as well as allowing me to find and grow to love another avenue for creative expression.”

Sophie has now been accepted into the Bachelor of Music, Music Theatre course at the Sydney Conservatorium, and she credits Dragonfly Dance for helping her get there.

"The warm welcoming atmosphere and getting to try new styles of dance and challenge myself,” said Sophie when asked about her favourite thing about dancing at Dragonfly Dance.

Sophie's main concern when she was looking at taking classes at Dragonfly Dance was whether she’d find a class to suit her current skill level and her aspirations for a career in musical theatre. However, she found that the supportive and welcoming atmosphere, as well as the guidance and corrections from the teachers, quickly put those fears to rest.

“Dance has always been my weakest link in music theatre and I had had trouble fitting in with other groups as my skill level wasn’t necessarily up to scratch for my age. Going back to basics and having the teachers help me and give lots of corrections quickly put that fear to rest," said Sophie.

Sophie's perspective around dance has changed significantly since joining Dragonfly Dance. She now feels much more confident in her pathway into the music theatre industry, has learned many valuable skills, and has found an outlet to help her wind down and reduce stress.

"I feel much more confident in my pathway into the music theatre industry now I’ve had more experience in dance through Dragonfly. I have learned many valuable skills. Being able to come into classes to wind down each week has also reduced my stress a lot - which has been so valuable over this past busy year!" said Sophie.

In conclusion, Sophie would highly recommend Dragonfly Dance to anyone looking to pursue a career in musical theatre or just to dance for leisure.

"Dragonfly dance is a wonderful, warm and welcoming studio which will help you at whatever age and level of dance you are at. I would highly recommend attending their classes whether it is to help you pursue a dream in theatre or for leisure," said Sophie.

We at Dragonfly Dance are proud to have played a role in helping Sophie achieve her dreams and we look forward to helping many more young people like Sophie to reach their goals through dance.

If you have similar dreams to Sophie, and you're looking for a dance studio to help you realise them, get in touch via or give us a call on 08 7073 2069. You can also view our timetable or book a class online.


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