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Adult Jazz Dance Classes in Adelaide

Dragonfly Dance offers adult jazz dance classes in Adelaide and welcomes adults of all ages and experience levels. In an adult jazz dance class, you'll develop a strong sense of rhythm, sass and style, and build strength, flexibility, and fitness. You'll also have a lot of fun.


Jazz dance covers a broad range of sub-styles, including theatre or Broadway jazz, Latin jazz, commercial jazz, authentic or vernacular jazz, street jazz, Heels and lyrical jazz to name a few. You can read more about these different styles of jazz in our blog post about the different jazz dance styles

At Dragonfly Dance, we offer general jazz classes, theatre jazz, Fosse inspired jazz, lyrical jazz, and heels.


These adult jazz dance classes in Adelaide are a very stylish dance form and often includes angular lines and inverted leg lines. It is a very rhythmic style of dance, and the more advanced classes may include complex rhythms and syncopation. Often, jazz dance is fast and powerful.

adult jazz dance classes
Who can join our adult jazz dance classes?

The range of adult jazz dance classes we offer at Dragonfly Dance means there is something suitable for dancers of any age or level. If you enjoy an upbeat class, with high energy popular music, then you’ll be sure to enjoy a jazz dance class. You’ll also be able to choose form different styles of adult jazz dance classes, such as theatre jazz, Fosse style jazz, lyrical jazz, Heels, and a more generalist jazz class, so you can find a class to suit your interests. Even if you think you have two left feet and no rhythm, adult jazz dance classes will help you to develop your coordination, confidence, and sense of rhythm. 

Benefits of Jazz Dance Classes

The benefits of adult jazz dance classes at Dragonfly Dance studio include:


Flexibility, Strength, Coordination




Cardiovascular Fitness Improvement

You’ll develop an excellent sense of rhythm, and build confidence in the way you stand and move. There are a lot of laughs in our adult jazz dance classes, and there is a wonderful sense of connection and community. You’ll leave class on a high, feeling like you’ve worked out and spent time with friends.

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