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Dance classes for Seniors

Who ever said that dancing is only for young people? At Dragonfly Dance, we believe that dance is a great activity for adults of all ages.


We offer dedicated dance classes for seniors to ensure that those who have been on the planet a little longer can find the social and physical stimulation they need to stay strong and active.

dance classes for seniors

Benefits of Senior Dance Classes



Dance has been found to have a greater protective effect against dementia than other types of physical and mental activity.


In a 21 year prospective study, Verghese (2003) found that dance lowered dementia risk by a staggering 76%.



Dance has plenty of physical benefits including building strength, increasing mobility and flexibility, improving cardiovascular health and improving balance, coordination, and confidence.

Our classes give you the chance to grow and fulfil your potential as a dancer, or to adapt movements to suit your body. 



One of the best things about dance at Dragonfly Dance is that it creates strong social connections and friendships. 

The focus of the dance classes for seniors is fun, while learning and improving dance skills, as well as increasing your happiness.

How to join our senior dance classes?

If you’ve searched for senior dance classes near me, and not had much luck, make sure you have a look at our range of dance classes labelled as ‘mature’. Our mature classes are designed for adults aged 45 and over, and we have dancers aged up until mid 70s (we’ve even had a few dancers in their 80s and 90s).  


Our senior dance classes have many elements that make them suitable for over 45s, including music that you may have loved in your youth, plenty of laughter and friendship, and movements that take into account some of the common movement challenges such as limited range of motion or pain in joints such as shoulders, knees, and hips. 

To join a class, you can buy our ‘2 for 1’ pass to try it out, and then book your place. We also offer a more personalised booking service, so you can give us a call to talk through what class might suit you best, and have your bookings set up for you.

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