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Find the Right Level For You

Overview of Levels

We teach our own syllabus for each dance style we teach, which have been designed especially for adult dancers. 

We teach adult ballet, adult jazz, adult contemporary, and adult tap

Our syllabi are each divided into 24 levels.  Instead of numbering them from 1-24, we have broken them down into three categories, and six main levels.  Each main level is further divided into four sub-levels.

Need more guidance?

Get in touch for a personalised consultation to help you choose the right level or call her on 08 7073 2069 or 0408 240 772 (phone between 1-5pm Mon-Fri).


Duration of Levels

We have a 48 week teaching year, divided into 4 x 12 week terms.  There is a four week break from mid-December to mid-January each year.

Level 1

Level 1 can be completed in one year, with dancers progressing a sub-level in each term.  In their first term, the class will be Level 1.1.  Level 1.1 is usually called ‘Introduction to’ whichever dance style.

Level 1 class’ second term will be Level 1.2, the third will be Level 1.3, and the fourth will be Level 1.4.  The sub-level designation will be based on when that class started (as the Level 1.1 introduction course may begin in any of our four terms), not on the term of the year.

Level 2 and above

The higher the main level, the longer it will take to complete each sub-level and the full level.  However, we do not put a time frame on it as different adults progress at different rates.

Age Streams

Adulthood is a long time, with a range of around 80 years.  Younger adults (in their 20s, 30s and 40s) have quite different needs to older adults (aged 50+).  The differences are both physical, cognitive, and social.  Neither is better. They are just different.  As such, we have ‘young adult’ and ‘mature adult’ classes.

We have age streams to ensure that you can find a class that suits you at all stages of adulthood.  It's not a hard and fast rule, so chat with us if you think you are better suited to an age stream that is different to your chronological age.

Young Adult

Generally aged 18-55.


We don't hold back on the jumps, high kicks/leg extensions, turns, and floorwork.  This is an opportunity to push your body within your technical skill level.

Great music from the 90s to 20s, with a sprinkling of classics from earlier decades.

Mature Adult

Generally aged 45+


We help mature adults built strong and flexible bodies, and sustain sharp and agile minds.  We still challenge you, but within the range that suits you.  We don't consider you to be frail or old.  You've just been on the planet longer.

Great music you'll know from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, with a sprinkling of newer music.

Mixe Age

Some classes are labelled 'mixed age' because there is already a mix of ages in the class

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