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Dance Class

Our Promise

When you come to dance at Dragonfly Dance we promise:

you’ll feel welcome and supported

you’ll receive high quality dance training to help you grow in skill, confidence, and artistry


to accept and encourage dancers of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colours to do our best

to ensure you have a good time (yes, laughing is encouraged) 

to value your individuality


We have a variety of classes and times to cater to everyone.

Click below to view or download the current timetable.



Develop a strong, agile body, sense of rhythm and learn to move with style.



Build a strong and supple physique and to develop a strong awareness of where your body is in space (kinaesthetic awareness)



Build strength, grace, flexibility, discipline and confidence, while at the same time learning artistry, expression, musicality and developing appreciation for a classical art form.



Be part of the music as you develop your rhythmic ability while building cardio fitness and toned legs.

Age Range

Adulthood is a long time, with a range of around 80 years.  Younger adults (in their 20s, 30s and 40s) have quite different needs to older adults (aged 50+).  The differences are both physical, cognitive, and social.  Neither is better. They are just different.  As such, we have ‘young adult’ and ‘mature adult’ classes.

We have age streams to ensure that you can find a class that suits you at all stages of adulthood.  It's not a hard and fast rule, so chat with us if you think you are better suited to an age stream that is different to your chronological age.

Young adult

Generally aged 18-55.


We don't hold back on the jumps, high kicks/leg extensions, turns, and floorwork.  This is an opportunity to push your body within your technical skill level.

Great music from the 90s to 20s, with a sprinkling of classics from earlier decades.

Mature adult

Generally aged 45+


We help mature adults built strong and flexible bodies, and sustain sharp and agile minds.  We still challenge you, but within the range that suits you.  We don't consider you to be frail or old.  You've just been on the planet longer.

Great music you'll know from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, with a sprinkling of newer music.

Mixed age

Mixed ages


Classes in this stream are not designated to a specific age group, so you can expect to find a mix of ages in every class. The inclusion of jumps, turns, and floor work in the class will depend on the age of those present, ensuring that each dancer can receive a challenging and enjoyable workout that is tailored to their abilities.

Levels and Progression

It can be challenging to find a dance class as an adult that is just at the right level.  Too often, adults of various levels of experience are all put together in the same class which tries to ‘be suitable for all levels’.  In reality, this can be a frustrating experience for beginners, who feel left behind, and more advanced dancers, who don’t get to really stretch themselves.


At Move Through Life, we have classes at a range of levels from absolute beginner to advanced.

We use our own especially designed syllabus for each dance style to ensure that class is suitable for adults, and offers the opportunity for development and advancement for those who wish to do so.


Our classes are classified as either beginner, intermediate or advanced, and within these three broad categories are several sub-levels.


Visit the Finding the right level page to learn more about our levels, and experience recommended for each level).


Group progression

We recognise that for adults, there may be only one time that they can get an hour to themselves for a dance class.  For this reason, progression is built into each class, so the class all progress together.  For example, a level 1 class in Term 1 would become a level 2.1 class in Term 2.

Individual progression

However, we recognise that people will progress at different rates, and so you can consult with your teacher about how to progress at your own pace, which will usually mean shifting to another class.

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