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adult tap dance classes

Adult Tap Dance Classes Adelaide

Dragonfly Dance offers adult tap dance classes in Adelaide for adults of all ages and experience levels. Tap dance is all about the rhythm. Your feet are a percussive instrument that adds to the music (or can be danced a capella – without music).


But it’s not just about the sound. Tap dancing is also a visual art form. It is a much more relaxed movement style that some of the other dance styles we offer. It is a type of dance that requires ‘soft’ knees (slightly bent), a relaxed upper body, and arms that are ‘alive’ (meaning they have energy). 

In the adult tap dance classes at Dragonfly Dance, you'll start with a warmup, then work learning steps, speed, technique, rhythm, and artistry. Class culminates in a dance routine that could draw a range of tap styles, from old school tap (think Gene Kelly / Fred Astaire) to more modern styles that are more relaxed or funky (think Tap Dogs, or Chloe and Maud Arnold). 

Benefits of Tap Dance Classes for Adults at Dragonfly Dance

Taking adult tap classes is a great dance style for all kinds of adults, regardless of age or fitness. Tap dance is fun – and adult tappers are just as likely to have fun making noise with their shoes as kids are. The physical and emotional release from producing sound can be fantastic for your wellbeing. It gives you an excellent cardio workout that will help you get fit, and tones your legs, so you have the energy to make the most of your life, but it’s way more fun than going to the gym.


These adult tap classes in Adelaide will keep your brain in shape as well as it learns to pick up various rhythms and patterns. The rhythmic element of tap dance is particularly good for giving the brain a workout too. If you are looking to improve balance and core strength also, adult tap classes are a great option, because of the way your shift and place your weight while dancing.


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