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adult contemporary dance classes

Contemporary Dance Classes Adelaide

Are you thinking “where are contemporary dance classes near me?”. Dragonfly Dance offers contemporary dance classes in Adelaide and welcomes adults of all ages and experience levels. Through adult contemporary dance classes you'll learn to move in a way that feels more fluid and effortless. You'll build strength, flexibility, and ability.  Contemporary dance classes do often include floor work, which some adults feel concerned about.  But our teachers will show you how to move in and out of the floor with ease, and support you to become more comfortable with this idea, which will pay off in ease of movement in your everyday life.

About our contemporary dance classes

Dragonfly Dance offers adult contemporary dance classes that are influenced by a variety of contemporary dance techniques, including Release Technique, Cunningham Technique, Flying Low and Graham Technique. Our classes focus on supporting adult dancers to develop technique and skills in contemporary dance in a progressive manner. If any movement feels uncomfortable or unsafe, the teachers are always available to work with students to find alternative movements that are more suitable. Consider signing up for these contemporary dance classes to discover away of moving that feels natural and effortless.

What is contemporary dance?

Adult contemporary dance classes are a fantastic way to dance and improve your physical and creative skills. By taking part in contemporary dance classes, you can learn to harness momentum and gravity, improve your mobility and strength, and develop a movement style that looks and feels natural to you. These classes typically begin with exercises to prepare your body for dance, and progress to more complex movements such as travelling through space, turns, leaps, and hops. So if you're looking to stay active and express yourself creatively, consider signing up for adult contemporary dance classes at Dragonfly Dance.

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