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Dance fitness for mums and bubs:

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Embrace the joy of moving with a dance fitness class for mums and bubs (and preschool age children)

Are you a mum struggling to find time for exercise and self-care while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood?

Look no further, a dance fitness class for mums and bubs (and pre-school age children) may be the solution you need. This innovative concept combines the convenience of not having to find a babysitter with the opportunity to bond with your little ones and improve your physical and mental well-being.

Why a dance fitness class for mums?

Being a mother of young children can be both rewarding and challenging. You are constantly on the go, juggling a million tasks, and trying to find a moment of peace for yourself. The demands of motherhood can leave you feeling physically and mentally exhausted, and it can be easy to forget who you are as an individual. As a mother, you know how demanding and exhausting it can be to balance the responsibilities of parenting with taking care of your own well-being. Finding time and energy for exercise, especially when you have young children, can feel like an impossible task. That's why a dance fitness class that allows you to bring your little ones along could be the solution you've been searching for.

What Dance Fitness for Mums can give you

Here are seven reasons why a dance fitness class for mums could be a game changer for you:

1. Convenience

With your children in tow, you won't have to worry about finding a babysitter or rushing to pick them up from daycare. You can bond with your little ones while getting your daily dose of exercise.

2. Quality time with children

In a dance fitness class, you can spend quality time with your children while participating in a fun, active activity together. It’s a great opportunity to connect with them and make memories.

3. Boost your mood

Not only does this dance class improve your physical health, but it also has a positive impact on your mood. Dancing and exercise have been shown to release endorphins and boost mood. As a mother, taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health, and this class offers the best of both worlds. The fun and energetic workout will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

4. Confidence

This dance class is the perfect way to get your pre-baby confidence back in your body. The high-energy workout will improve your fitness and strength, helping you to keep up with your growing children. The class will challenge you and help you to achieve your physical goals, while having fun and feeling confident in your own skin.

Having a child can put a strain on your pelvic floor muscles, making it difficult to jump and have fun without worrying. But this dance class is the perfect solution to strengthen these muscles and improve your overall physical health. The class will help you feel confident and strong, giving you the freedom to enjoy physical activities with your children without any worries.

5. Reclaim your identity

Time out for yourself even once a week can help you get back in touch with your physical and emotional self. The class can help you reduces stress and anxiety, and provides a supportive community of like-minded women. It’s a great way for mums to take a step back from their busy lives and focus on themselves.

6. Socialisation

The social aspect of the class allows you to bond with other mothers, making you feel less isolated and more connected. Motherhood can be overwhelming, and it's easy to lose your own identity. This dance class allows you to reclaim your identity and feel like yourself again. You can dance, sing, and have fun, all while bonding with your child. Your child will love seeing you happy and having fun, and they will learn to love exercise and movement from an early age.

7. Fitness that is fun instead of a chore

Dance fitness is a form of exercise that combines movement with music, making it a fun and enjoyable experience. Unlike traditional workouts, which can be repetitive and boring, dance fitness offers a unique and exciting way to stay active. With its focus on rhythm, coordination, and musicality, dance fitness gives you a chance to let loose and express yourself through movement. Dance fitness is a more enjoyable form of exercise because it combines physical activity with creative expression, music, and social interaction, creating a fun and engaging experience that will keep you coming back for more.

About the class

The class is held at Dragonfly Dance, a dance studio that focuses on building community, belonging, and connection. This is a place where you can feel like you belong, not just as a mother, but as an individual. This is your third place, a place where you can escape from the demands of home and work and connect with other mothers who understand the challenges you face.

The class will be taught by Camila Saraiva, a mother with two pre-school age children who loves to dance and loves working with women and bringing them together in friendship. Read Camila's bio


Don't wait any longer, sign up for the dance fitness class for mums and bubs today and embrace the joy of moving. Experience the convenience, quality time with your children, boost to your mood, and improved confidence and physical health. This is your chance to reclaim your identity, socialise with other mothers, and have fun while staying active.

Take the first step to transforming your life and book your spot now. Join us in a supportive and welcoming environment, where you can feel like you belong and connect with other mothers facing similar challenges. Embrace the joy of moving and see the positive impact it can have on your life.

Starts Wednesday 1 March, 2023


Frequently asked questions

Do I need previous dance experience?

What age children can come along?

What should I wear?

How much does it cost?

Dragonfly Dance offers dance classes to adults of all ages in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap. We pride ourselves on offering you a place to indulge your love of dance, whether you’re a complete beginner, had a long break from dance, or danced all your life. Our classes have a broad mix of ages, and our philosophy is that you are never too old to dance, it is never too late to start, and you can dance forever!

If you have any questions, give us a call on 08 7073 2069


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