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Summer Dance 2024

What better way to start off 2024 than dancing your heart out?

Join us this January for the inaugural Dragonfly Dance Intensive (3-5 January) and our Summer Term (8-27 January)

It will be four weeks of amazing dance experiences, with other adults who are passionate about dance.  A time to immerse yourself in the movement that you love, and start the off doing something special for yourself.

Adult Dance Intensive

Wed 3 to Fri 5 January 2024

Dance Class

Start 2024 off by doing something wonderful for yourself.  Join our inaugural Adult Dance Intensive.  A three day experience designed for adults to immerse themselves in dance, movement, music, and friendship. 

Two distinct streams catering to both novice and experienced dancers.

At least 4 sessions a day, 2 studios, 3 days, means a total of 24+ sessions to choose from.

Guided by the Dragonfly Dance founder Jo McDonald, and inspiring guest dance teachers, and movement and health experts. They'll enrich your love and understanding of dance, technique, and artistry.

Indulge in the dance you love and cultivate lasting connections with fellow adult dancers. This intensive is exclusively crafted for adults, ensuring a supportive and enriching environment.

Treat yourself and kickstart the new year with the three days of dance. Beyond the physical, it's a journey of self-expression, camaraderie, and personal growth.

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Summer Term

Mon 8 to Sat 27 January 2024

Keep dancing over summer. 

Sign up for our summer term. 

A short three-week term for those dancers who want to keep dancing over summer.

We know our dragonflies love to keep dancing even during the warmer months.  And it's super comfortable in our beautiful, air conditioned studios.

So we don't shut down over summer like most dance studios. We have short 3 week term starting the second week of January.  Enjoy our 6 day a week program, featuring our regular dance styles - ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap.  Some classes are taught by our regular teachers, plus we'll have some wonderful guest artists.

New dancers are welcome as well!

Stay tuned for release of the summer timetable.

Released Monday 11 December 2023.

Key dates

Dance Intensive

Friday 1 December

Program and pricing released

Early bird registrations open

Tuesday 19 December

Last day for early bird registrations

Wednesday 20 December

Regular ticket sales open

Wednesday 3 January

Intensive starts!

Friday 5 January

Last day of intensive

Summer Term

Monday 11 December

Summer Term program announced

Tuesday 19 December

Summer Term bookings open

Monday 8 January

Summer Term starts!

Saturday 27 January

Last day of Summer Term

Monday 29 January

Term 1 starts

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