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Kristy Manuel

Spanish arms, upper body, and fan work, Spanish rhythm and foot work, Slow yoga, Yoga panel

Intensive sessions

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Kristy's lifelong passion for dance first led her to Flamenco in 2001. Since then she has established herself as an outstanding Flamenco performer, being described as a 'wonderful, expressive dancer' by Radio Adelaide's Jane Costessi and 'powerfully elegant' by AusDance SA Director Phil Callaghan.

Her dedication led to her studying at the prestigious 'Amor de Dios' academy in Madrid. Here she spent 14 months studying with maestras 'La Truco' and Imnaculada Ortega in 2003 and 2004. Upon returning to Australia, it wasn't long before Kristy felt the lure of Spain again, returning in 2006, 2009 and 2011 each time to Seville. In Seville she has studied with some of the most accomplished dancers in Spain, including Pastora Galvan, Carmen Cortes, Manuel Betanzos, Isabel Bayon, Angel Atienza, Alicia Marquez, Ramon Martinez, Adela Campallo and Ursula Lopez.

"She has developed a unique style that inspires many of Adelaide's flamenco students. Her ability to put people at ease and demystify some of the complexities of flamenco in her classes is refreshing. One of the most important teachings Kristy offers her students is to express themselves especially through the positioning and movements of the upper body. Footwork is also a focus in her classes but this is complimented by graceful and beautiful movements to allow students to express themselves through the use of the entire body.

A life-long love for movement and encouraging others, teaching yoga for over 20 years with qualifications that are of the highest standard. Bringing to the classes experience as a dancer and group fitness leader, taking great delight in helping others reach your personal goals to live a happier and healthier life.

Kristy is a qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher Dip (IYTA) and fitness leader (TAFE) and has lead group fitness classes for over 17 years. Her enthusiasm for seeing others reach their own goals is evident and her unique blend of dance training and knowledge of the body has lead her to being able to offer classes that will not only improve coordination and posture but increase fitness and core strength. She has identified that core strength and flexibility are essential for a long and healthy dancing career and improve the quality and enjoyment of everyday living.

Initial Yoga Teaching Diploma was through the highly regarded International Yoga Teachers Association, completing a number of post graduate courses including further anatomy and physiology training and most recently slow mindful yoga teacher training and a certificate in Ayurveda. Also a member of Pelvic Health Professionals. Dedicated to continued learning in all aspects of yoga to be able to provide the safest, most effective and enjoyable classes possible, taking a fresh approach to the fundamental principles of this ancient science called yoga

Kristy Manuel
Kristy Manuel
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