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Nicola Baartse

Dance styles taught during summer term

Ballet and jazz

Nicola Baartse

I taught my first ballet class at age 14, and over the decades I've enjoyed teaching kids and adults ballet, contemporary, conditioning, movement meditation, aerobics, line dance, and theatrical jazz. I have used my gifts in communicating, to teach students how to both avoid injury and captivate an audience. Running my own dance studio 2009-2019 was the culmination of this journey thus far.

As a dance teacher I can quickly and effectively improve a student’s placement and technique to bring about rapid improvement (with a notable lack of injury). It’s very fulfilling to actively show students what they are uniquely good at and see them blossom in confidence because I showed them concretely what to believe in themselves. And when it comes to performance I teach students how to understand the connection between the steps they are doing and their own emotions or the character they portray.

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