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Dance Studio Hire

Number of studios

We have two studios available for ongoing hire or hire by the hour.


Natural light

Both studios have natural light (full length windows with blinds), with sprung floors, tarkett surface, mirrors, ballet barres, bluetooth speakers, reverse cycle air conditioning (heating and cooling), and wheelchair access.


The facilities also include lockers, large toilets with plenty of space for changing, a warm up area that has ballet barres, filtered water , and a piano.  There is also a generous waiting area also large enough to be used for workshops, and a bike rack (inside).

How to book

If you are interested in a regular or casual booking please complete our online booking request form.

Floor plans

Scroll down for detailed floor plans, ceiling heights, Tarkett type, and studio dimensions at the bottom of this page.


Contact us for pricing (fill in online booking form) or phone us on 08 7073 2069

Screenshot 2023-10-30 162316_edited.png

Floor plans and photos

Floorplan of  Dragonfly Dance Studio
Waiting area at Dragonfly Dance Studio

Comfortable waiting area

Reception area at Dragonfly Dance Studio


warmup area at Dragonfly Dance studio

Warmup area

Studio 1


9.8m x 16.1m (158 m2)

32 feet x 53 feet (1,696 feet square)

Ceiling height 3m | 9.8 feet


Sprung floor

Tarkett 'Dancefloor', suitable for ballet, jazz, contemporary (not suitable for hard shoe styles)

Hooks in ceiling suitable for aerial work, such as aerial yoga.

Photo of Studio 1 at Dragonfly Dance Studio
Floorplan of Studio 1 at Dragonfly Dance studio

Studio 2


9.2m x 9.9m (91.8 m2)

30 feet x 32 feet (960 feet square)

Ceiling height 3m | 9.8 feet



Sprung floor

Tarkett Granite Acoustic (suitable for all styles, including hard shoe such as tap, Flamenco etc)

Photo of Studio 1 at Dragonfly Dance Studio
Floor plan of Studio 2 at Dragonfly Dance Studio

Studio Location

Studio is located at

Ground Floor

80-86 Anzac Highway

Everard Park SA 5035


For each studio, there is a base rate, and then you can qualify for up to 30% discount if you meet certain criteria.  If you are unsure if you qualify for discounts, please fill in the booking enquiry form below.

Base rates:

Studio 1 $50/hour

Studio 2 $35/hour

Discounts and definitions

Nature of hire


(no discount)
An activity that will earn income (such as classes or workshops for which you will charge a fee)


Non commercial

10% discount)
An activity that doesn't earn income (such as rehearsals, practice, choreographic development)

​Time / day



(no discount)
Monday to Thursday 6-10pm, Saturday and Sunday (no discount)

Off peak

(10% discount)
Monday to Friday up to 6pm, Friday, Saturday and Sundays after 6pm

Duration of hire:


Short term

(no discount)


Long term

(10% discount)
6 months of more, with signing of a hire agreement

Combining Discounts

  • Qualify for one criteria: 10% off

  • Qualify for two criteria: additional 10% off (total 20% off)

  • Qualify for all three criteria: additional 10% off (total 30% off)

Example Scenarios

Non-commercial booking during off-peak hours for Studio 1:

Base Rate: $50/hour

10% (non-commercial) + 10% (off-peak) = 20% off

Fnal rate: $40/hour

​Commercial booking during peak hours for Studio 2:

Base rate: $35/hour

No additional discounts apply

Final rate: $35/hour

Booking enquiries

Make an enquiry

What studio/s do you want to hire?

Thank you for your booking enquiry. Someone will respond to your enquiry soon.

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