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Privacy Policy

Dragonfly Dance collects and administers a range of personal information for the purposes of delivering its dance classes and programs, such as an individual’s name, contact details, medical details, emergency contact and previous dance experience. The organisation is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information it collects, holds and administers.

Dragonfly Dance recognises the essential right of individuals to have their information administered in ways that they would reasonably expect – protected on one hand, and made accessible to them on the other. These privacy values are reflected in and supported by our core values and philosophies.


DD is bound by the Information Privacy Act 2000, as well as other laws, which impose specific obligations when it comes to handling information. The organisation has adopted the respective Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act as minimum standards in relation to handling personal information.

In broad terms this means that we:

  • Collect only information which the organisation requires for its primary function;

  • Ensure that customers are informed as to why we collect the information and how we administer the information gathered;

  • Use and disclose personal information only for our primary functions or a directly related purpose, or for another purpose with the person’s consent;

  • Store personal information securely, protecting it from unauthorised access; and

  • Provide customers with access to their own information, and the right to seek its correction.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by DD

Dragonfly Dance reserves the right to cancel a dance class, course or event due to insufficient enrolment, unavailability of a teacher or venue, or other reasons beyond our control.


If there are less than three (3) clients booked into any class, session of a course, or event, DD reserves the right to cancel.

Every effort will be made to avoid cancellations.  Clients booked into such classes, courses or events will be notified by email, or if the cancellation is less than 6 hours before the class or program starts, by SMS.

In the case of a cancellation of a class, credit for that class will be returned to the client’s account in the MTL booking system to be used at another time.

In the case of cancellation of an event or course, clients will have the option to receive a refund or have a credit applied to their account in the DD booking system to be used towards another service.

Cancellation the Client


  • Refunds are not offered on classes.

  • If the client cancels the class up to 1 hour before the class, it will be considered an ‘early cancel’. Credit for the class will be returned to the client’s account in the DD booking system.

  • If the client cancels the class within 1 hour before the class, it will be considered a ‘late cancel’, and the client will not be able to use the credit for that class to attend another class.



  • If the client cancels their participation in a course, they will be offered a credit on their account in the DD booking system, which they can use to attend another course or class.

  • If the client has cancelled due to extenuating circumstances, they can apply for a refund, by completing our Refund Request online form.  If accepted, the client will receive a refund for the amount they paid, less 10% as an administration fee.



  • If a client cancels their participation in an event, they will not be offered a refund unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • If the client has cancelled due to extenuating circumstances, they can apply for a refund, by completing our Refund Request online form.

  • If accepted, the client will receive a refund for the amount they paid, less 10% as an administration fee.

  • Refer to the cancellation policy for individual events for more details, such as whether the event registration is transferable to another party.

Liability Waiver​

  • I acknowledge that the activity of dance classes to be undertaken by me involves physical movements and that the activity may involve a degree of physical risk

  • I acknowledge that the activity may not be recommended and may not be safe for persons with certain medical conditions

  • I understand that I am advised to consult a medical practitioner prior to participating in the activity, especially if I am pregnant, have a disability, or have recently suffered any illness, injury of impairment

  • I warrant I have not been advised or cautioned by a medical practitioner not to participate in the activity

  • I agree that it is my responsibility to determine whether I am sufficiently fit and healthy to safely participate in the activity, and I hereby represent that at all times when participating in the activity, I will have no known medical conditions that would affect my ability, or that would result in my participation creating a risk of danger to myself and others, which is greater than the risk assumed by a healthy person of similar age to me.

  • I agree to inform the DD teaching staff before engaging in the activity of any injury, illness, surgery or pregnancy

  • I agree to follow all instructions given to me by Dragonfly Dance staff and contractors as to when, where and how to perform the activity.

  • I understand that I am strongly advised to obtain and am responsible for obtaining my own insurances and cover (including medical insurance, personal accident insurance and ambulance cover).

  • I acknowledge that there is a risk of loss, theft, damage and destruction to my personal property on the premises of Dragonfly Dance and agree that I am solely responsible for my personal possessions and equipment before, during and after classes.

  • I irrevocably indemnify and hold harmless Dragonfly Dance, and its staff and teachers, from any and all liabilities, claims or actions (including negligence) whatsoever or howsoever caused, arising from any and all my connection in the activity.

  • I understand that from time to time, Dragonfly Dance may take photographic or video recordings of classes for the purposes of promoting Dragonfly Dance, in print and electronic form, including social media. If I do not want my photograph to be used, or if I have concerns about how my image will be used, I will send an email to

  • I have read and understand Dragonfly Dance’s policies (available at, including those relating to safe dance, hot weather, privacy and payments.

Purchase Policy

Payment methods

Upfront payment is required to book into and attend any class or program
Payments are to be made through the DD online booking system.

Casual payments can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard). Scheduled payments (for memberships) can be paid by credit card or direct debit.

We may accept cash payments at class, but you will not be able to book into a class until you have paid for credits, and participation will depend on whether there are spaces available in the class.

Credits and refunds

Payments are not automatically refunded unless a class, course or event has been cancelled by Move Through Life Dance Studio.

Customers may request a partial refund or credit in writing (by email to Any credits or refunds requested for payments may incur a 10% administration fee.


Please read the Membership Terms and Conditions available on our Pricing page.

To cancel or put your membership on hold, please complete the relevant online form:

Payment difficulties and financial hardship

Dragonfly Dance recognises that there may be times that Customers experience either payment difficulties or financial hardship.



Both ‘payment difficulties’ and ‘financial hardship’ refer to circumstances where a Customer has the intention to pay but does not have the capacity to pay in accordance with previously agreed timeframes. They differ in that:

  • ‘Payment difficulties’ are usually short term and can arise from circumstances that would not constitute financial hardship, eg theft of a wallet

  • ‘Financial hardship’ is usually of longer term duration, and can arise from circumstances such as loss of employment, family breakdown, illness or injury, budget management issues associated with low income, and other unforseen circumstances arising from either reduction in income or increase in non-discretionary expenditure.


If you are experiencing payment difficulties, Dragonfly Dance will negotiate alternative payment arrangements and advise you if of any assistance may be available if the Customer is experiencing financial hardship.




You can apply for alternative payment arrangements in writing by completing our Financial Hardships and Payment Difficulties online form, providing a description of their payment difficulty or financial hardship and a description of their proposed payment plan.

You may be required to provide evidence of your situation.

All information provided either verbally or in writing will be treated confidentially and in accordance with DD’s Privacy and Confidentiality policies.


Once you have submitted an application, you will receive an email from us offering the terms of the revised payment agreement.  You will have the opportunity to either accept or negotiate these terms.


Once terms have been agreed, you will receive confirmation of details in writing via email, including your rights, obligations and consequences of failing to adhere to the arrangement.

The agreement will commence once you have agreed to and officially accepted all the terms in writing via email to

Your responsibilities

To fulfil your responsibilities under the agreement, you must:

  • acknowledge the debt and their obligation to pay it

  • provide sufficient information for an accurate assessment

  • be willing to reduce usage to a level they are able to pay

  • make repayments as agreed

  • notify DD immediately if their financial position changes again so the arrangement can be reviewed

  • ensure that all evidence of their situation is not false, incomplete or misleading.



Some of the solutions we may be able to offer to you if you are experiencing payment difficulties or financial hardship include:

  • variations to payment methods and/or plans

  • reduction and/or waiver of fees and debts

  • extension to payment due dates

  • payments in instalments

  • opportunity to have fees or debts reduced in exchange for an inkind contribution from the Customer

  • discounts on future fees

Return / Refund Policy

Payments are not automatically refunded unless a class, course or event has been cancelled by Dragonfly Dance.

Customers may request a partial refund or credit in writing (by completing our Refund Request online form). Any credits or refunds requested for payments may incur a 10% administration fee.

Hot weather policy

Generally, DD will not cancel dance activities due to heat or humidity. Instead, it is the personal responsibility of client and teachers to observe the following guidelines and exercise in a manner appropriate to the weather conditions at the time.

However, if the forecasted weather is expected to be 40 degrees of over we will assess closure if no air conditioned space is available.

If an activity is cancelled due to heat:

  • the cost will not be refunded, but you can use class credit another time.

  • Send an SMS and email to all clients who are booked to attend on that day or, in the case of classes, have attended that class in the last month

  • Post in the DD Members’ Facebook group, DD Facebook page and DD Instagram feed.

Client responsibilities

  • Be aware of forecasted heat waves that may occur on the day of the dance activity.

  • Adhere to the guidelines and procedure outlined in the policy.

  • Pay attention to any physical changes while participating in any dance activity and take appropriate steps to reduce the potential onset of heat related illnesses eg if you feel unwell stop or reduce dance activity immediately.

Guidelines for clients

  • Be aware of any forecasted heat waves that may occur on the relevant day of dance activities.

  • Bring personal supply of water or other appropriate fluids (such as isotonic sports drinks) to dance activities.

  • Drink water or other appropriate fluids before, during and after dance activities.

  • Wear clothing which allows easy evaporation of sweat from skin.

  • Prepare personal cooling items such as spray bottle containing cool water and/or hand towel that can be dampened and applied to face and/or body when required.

  • Advise teacher prior to commencement of, and during, dance activities if feeling unwell or recovering from recent illness.

  • Withdraw from dance activities if feeling unusually fatigued, distressed or unwell.

  • Undertake dance activities at low or moderate intensity level.

COVID safe policy

Management responsibilities

  • stay up-to-date with government requirements regarding COVID-19

  • ensure updated COVID Save Plans and QR checkin codes are available and displayed in all venues

  • ensure qualified COVID Marshall is present at all activities and venues

  • provide guidelines on minimizing the risk of spreading the virus

  • provide supplies (if available for purchase) that can minimize spread of the virus, such as disinfectant spray, wipes, and gel; soap, water, and paper towel, disposable gloves

  • specify procedures to be followed to minimize spread of the virus

  • have a plan in place to offer video classes in the event of a prolonged forced closure

  • set policy around classes missed due to quarantine or illness

  • ensure all staff are vaccinated

Staff responsibilities

  • ensure they have completed COVID Marshall training and adhere to government requirements at all times

  • ensure clients have checked in using the QR Code, and if they are unable to do so, to ensure the client is checked in via Zen Planner

  • follow procedures specified to minimise the spread of the virus, such as wiping down surfaces with disinfectant

  • advise Management if supplies are running out

  • organise a substitute teacher or contractor if unable to fulfil responsibilities due to quarantine or illness

  • be prepared to provide classes via digital means in the event of a forced closure

  • ensure vaccinations are complete and up-to-date

Client responsibilities

  • To ensure they checkin using the COVID QR code at each visit

  • To follow procedures specified to minimise the spread of the virus, such as wiping down surfaces with disinfectant

  • To use personal supplies of disinfectant gel where possible

  • To refrain from attending class if exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19

  • To advise MTL immediately if they have tested positive for COVID-19 and were likely positive and/or contagious when they attended an MTL venue or class

Guidelines and precautionary measures

All bullet points apply for staff, those with an * apply to clients as well:

  • At the start of classes each day, spray high contact areas (eg door handles, ballet barres) with made up disinfectant solution and paper towel or antiseptic wipes

  • Ensure all paper towel or wipes used to wipe down or sanitise are disposed of after use in a bin *

  • Between classes that use a ballet barre, please spray (if no antiseptic wipes available) and/or wipe down the barre (all around the barre, including top and bottom barres) – a client may do this on your behalf

  • When entering the building, please ensure you sanitise your hands, either using antiseptic gel or wash thoroughly with soap and water. We will strive to have antiseptic gel at each venue, but if you have a personal bottle, please use that as it is not easily available *

  • If you need to cough or sneeze, please either do so into your elbow or a tissue. If using a tissue, please dispose of in a bin, and wash or sanitise your hands immediately *

  • If you are unwell with fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath, refrain from coming to class. Your classes will remain on your Zen Planner account until the end of your current membership agreement so that you can make up any missed classes, as per our usual policy. *

  • Check in using QR Code at each visit *

  • Ensure COVID Safe Plan and QR code are displayed

  • Ensure venues are appropriately sanitized in the event that someone who is COVID positive visits one of the venues we use.  Classes will be cancelled if the cleaning cannot be undertaken in time

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