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Tania Bainbridge

Yoga (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Yin), Yoga panel

Intensive sessions


My name is Tania from Travel Yoga with Tania.   I am certified with 350 hours teacher training in many styles of yoga including Philosophy and yoga Anatomy. I have been a student of yoga for 30+ years and continue to be a student first and teacher second.

I am deeply interested in the meridians and chakras inside the body and how energy flow can be utilised for health.  When you come to my classes I will guide you towards listening to your body and working within your body’s limits and your capabilities, teaching you how to use your breath to open your body and to move through your dance classes with more focus, strength and less loss of breath.  To move fluidly with your life force, using your breath to deepen your flexibility.

I’ll help you build a strong, flexible body and a strong and flexible mind (you simply cannot have one without the other).  Meaning I’ll guide you beyond just exercise.  Uniting the body, the mind and the spirit. 

Yoga is not a flexibility class nor is it gymnastics or contortionist work.  It is a 4000 year old deep and soulful practice of asanas (the postures), breath work, meditation, philosophy and so much more. But I will use the teachings of yoga to improve your strength and flexibility for your body to move with grace as you dance through your choreographed dances with Dragonfly Dance.   I will endeavor to help you with injury prevention also.  You will leave my classes feeling energized, free, calm, balanced, clear, purified with much space inside your body now filled with peace.  Think of yoga as WD40 for the body, mind and spirit. (and it’s ok to laugh and not take yourself too seriously).

Tania Bainbridge
Tania Bainbridge
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