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Cover of 'strength, flexibility and proprioception: an essential guide for adult dancers

If you'd like to learn more about how to improve your strength, flexibility and proprioception for dance, download our free ebook.

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Dance Conditioning ebook

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Dance classes have a lot of physical benefits for adult dancers, as well as emotional, cognitive, and social benefits.  But you can get even more from your dance classes if you support them with conditioning classes and home practice to improve strength, flexibility, and proprioception.

The ebook is a fabulous 23 page resource, with gorgeous images, designed to help adult dancers understand how to improve their strength, flexibility, and proprioception, so they can get more out of dance.


The book has two parts:


Section 1

  • importance of strength and flexibility for adult dancers

  • types of exercise to support your dance practice

Section 2

Principles for:

  • increasing flexibility in adult dancers

  • increasing strength in adult dancers

  • improving proprioception in adult dancers

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