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Student Showcase 2024

About the Showcase

7pm Saturday 5 October 2024

at Brighton Performing Arts Centre

Tickets on sale Monday 19 August
Early bird ticket price ends Friday 13 September

The Student Showcase gives our students a meaningful opportunity to grow and showcase their talents. It is a powerful motivator, giving our dancers a clear goal to work towards and a platform to display their hard-earned skills.

It's a joyous occasion where students can proudly share their passion with family and friends. The event is a lot of fun, and creates a special kind of connection and camaraderie between dancers.


Through our student showcase, we celebrate each and every dancer who takes to the stage, and whatever point they are at in their dance journey.


Performer registrations 

Performer registrations

Open Wednesday 3 July and Close 5pm, Monday 15 July.

There is no requirement for our students to perform in the showcase.


Those who do want to perform will need to register to confirm their involvement 

Showcase theme

Wings of time: a 20 year metamorphosis

in 2024 we celebrate 20 years since our inception, back in 2004, as a project based performance group under the name Move Through Life, to our metamorphosis to Dragonfly Dance.


This year, our showcase will celebrate our rich performance history by using music from the performance projects over our lifespan, as well as remounts of some of our favourite dances and choreography from our past.


Our aim is to take you on a journey through our history, to inspire you to dance, perform, or choreograph.



The emergence of a new dance company for adults, with a merging of dance with music and photography

Watch performance online

One Two Three


Four different choreographic pieces  of predominantly modern contemporary dance genre, with varying and interesting themes, each of which consists of at least one solo, one duo, and one trio.


​Watch performance online



“Singles” combines short snippets of contemporary dance, live music and film in the relaxed ambience of a cabaret setting.  “Singles” is a medley of short, individual pieces of dance, music or film, many with a theme inspired by the word “singles”.  The reference to “singles” may be as simple as a solo dancer or musician or the more thought provoking issue of isolation and the need for connection in our increasingly fast and mass marketed society.

Watch performance online



A celebration of the Aussie love affair with the beach, and a reminder of the fragility of our marine and coastal environment

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Black Coffee


Fully caffeinated dance in a 50s jazz club brew.

‘Black Coffee’ recreated the buzz of a 1950s jazz club, immersing patrons in music, movement, and espresso.

Served with a ten piece live jazz ensemble, vintage fashion and a subterranean cabaret vibe.

Watch performance online


2011, 2012, 2015

Shining  a light on new dance works developed through our choreographic incubator program, Expand, which encourages choreographers to develop new dance works by offering dancers, rehearsal space, peer support, mentoring and presentation opportunities.

Two Points of Reality


A beautiful and haunting dance work that grew out of the Illuminate program. Created by choreographer and nurse Dan Turbill, the piece was staged independently at the Adelaide Fringe and was inspired by his experience of working with dementia patients.

Soul Night at the Cinnamon Lounge


Imagine being in an underground soul club in Adelaide in the early 1970s, grooving to Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder and experiencing the turbulence and vitality of the era known as the 'pivot of change'. 



Windswept was a pas de duex of dancers and music, a call and response dynamic that folds classical, jazz & blues into an evocation of diverse trigger points. Where Chopin, Nina & Beth Hart intersect, to sculpt  a nocturnal synthesis of ballet, contemporary, jazz, and a sprinkle of Flamenco.

Ruby Room


Harking back to the model of Black Coffee and Cinnamon Lounge, The Ruby Room was the debut performance of our mature (over 50s) dance company, set in the 1920s in a fictional speak easy, the Ruby room.

Ruby Room Revamped



An expanded version of The Ruby Room, incorporating diaglogue, characters, skits, and a hearty sing-a-long.

Midnight at the Blue Star


An unforgettable night of jazz and swing dance, with a sprinkle of film noir intrigue.

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