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Pointe Practicalities Tips for Adult Ballet Students-cover-tiny.png

Are you ready for your first pair of pointe shoes for adults?


Pointe Practicalities ebook

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This free ebook is designed for adult ballet dancers who have completed pre-pointe training and have been approved to start pointe.


Buying your first pair of pointe shoes is exciting, and can be a little intimidating.  This book is designed to guide your through the process of getting your first pair of pointe shoes.  From knowing what to expect from a pointe shoe fitting, to preparing your shoes, caring for your shoes and your feet, and more.

Book contents

  • What to expect for your pointe shoe fitting

  • Anatomy of a pointe shoe

  • Different types of feet and point shoe considerations

  • Pointe shoe accessories 

  • Dancewear suppliers

  • Preparing your pointe shoes

  • Caring for your pointe shoes

  • Foot care

  • Useful items to take to pointe class

  • Dance physiotherapists and podiatrists

Ballet Dancers
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