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Are you ready to start learning ballet?

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5 day mini-course 

'Ballet Basics for Adults Online'

So you can step into your first class with confidence

If you start a beginner adult ballet class that is ongoing, you may miss out on learning these fundamentals. 


This course helps to bridge the gap from absolute beginner to beginner.  It can also be a fantastic refresh for existing adult ballet students.

This free online course introduces you to the foundational elements of ballet.  

  • Learn the 5 building blocks of ballet

  • Build confidence so you can join a class

  • Discover it’s not too late to start

  • Improve your posture


You can access all the classes at once, but we recommend you go through one lesson a day.

Each lesson includes a video tutorial, as well as a PDF with key information, like tips and common pitfalls, understanding the French terminology, and the reason for each movement.


Course outline

Welcome and overview of the course

  • Lesson 1: Ballet posture

  • Lesson 2: Turnout

  • Lesson 3: Demi plie

  • Lesson 4: Ballet feet

  • Lesson 5: Ballet arms


Bonus lesson: half hour ballet class that uses all the skills you've learnt in the course and practice as often as you want.

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