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Owen Gray


He / Him

Ballet, Jazz, Tap

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Owen Gray

There can be so much more to dance than just entertainment.

Dance journey

Like so many male dancers, I starting dancing because my older sister danced. It was just like that song in A Chorus Line, ‘I can do that’. I was always watching my sister dance when she was around four years old. And because I was constantly dancing, I was also sent to dance classes. My sister then switched schools to Directions Dance Academy (DDA), and I danced there as well up until the studio closed down. At DDA I did ballet, jazz, modern, and tap. I then went to Vivienne Winters. I focused a lot more on ballet there. I just really enjoyed it. It was something about the structure and order. I was about 15 or 16 then, and kept dancing until I finished high school. From there, I did a few different jobs here and there, doing group work and pas de deux.

I then went to Terri Simpson when I was about 19 and she put me onto AC Arts. I didn’t dance at Terri’s as she was focusing on the full time ballet program, and I was too old for that. She thought AC Arts would be a good fit to give me a lot more progression in contemporary. I completed my training there in 2022.

At AC Arts I had the chance to learn contemporary with different teachers who all had a different approach and flavour. I did class with Peter Sheedy, Lisa Heaven and Kialea Nadine-Williams, and guest teachers and choreographers. Daniel Jaber was very balletic. Tobiah Booth-Remmers was very physical theatre. Peter Sheedy was very intellectual. Lee Brummer from Il Dance taught us Gaga, which I loved. I had the chance to work with Carol Wellman Kelly, who restaged Garry Stewart’s Birdbrain on us. We also worked with Daniel Riley, the current Artistic Director of Australian Dance Theatre, and my cohort at AC Arts were like guinea pigs for when he was developing his first ADT work, Savage.

The biggest thing I got from the AC Arts dance course was that I am more of a creator, than a performer. Performing is a lot of fun, and you get a kind of glory from it. But for me, I enjoy creating dance with dancers, and creating dance that is accessible for all audiences, not just dance lovers, and which gets people thinking. There can be so much more to dance than just entertainment.

During my final year I did a placement with Dragonfly Dance and did some work with the performing company, and then returned in 2023 to do an internship as a teacher and helping with production for the Student Showcase.

Owen Gray


Biography and qualifications


Certificate IV in Elite Performance (Dance)
Advanced Diploma in Elite Performance (Dance)
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance)
Ballet Intermediate, Royal Academy of Dance

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