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Dragonfly Dance's

Mature Dance Company


ruby room fb post.png

6pm, Saturday 15 October

Blackwood Memorial Hall

21 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood

Tickest $27.50

BYO supper. 
Wine, beer, soft drinks, and snacks available for purchase on the night.

From the Hashtag 20s
back to the Roaring 20s

Take a trip through time to The Ruby Room, where memories of war and pandemics are set aside, and a chorus of fabulous women are finally finding their voice.    


It’s the Jazz Age, and tonight we conquer age, as our Mature Dance Company reimagine the giddy hedonism of Gatsby, gangsters and glamorous gals.    

Welcome to The Ruby Room Revamped, our 2020s take on the 1920s dance hall. The flappers, the music, the freedom of expression.


But why just sit and watch? In the Ruby Room everyone’s a sharpshooter (flapper slang for one who spends well and dances much). This is a blow (party) 100 years in the making, so you won’t want to be a cancelled stamp (wallflower).


Immerse yourself in the fashion, music and dance of this roaring decade. Dress up as your favourite 1920s icon – flapper, gangster, jazz darling – and feel free to kick up your heels and join The Ruby Room gals for some classic 20s moves. It’s going to be the duck’s quack, darling.


BYO supper.  Wine, beer, soft drinks, and snacks available on the night.

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