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Level 1 Learning Guide (for absolute beginners)

A digital download of the Learning Guide for Ballet, Level 1, by Move Through Life Dance Studio, designed especially for adult dancers.


It is a 67 page illustrated guide

A roadmap for your journey as a ballet dancer so you can:

  • Take control of your own learning

  • Learn ballet faster & progress to the next level

  • Make sense of the French terminology

  • Understand why we do each ballet exercise

  • Make the most of your ballet classes

  • Gain a deeper understanding of ballet

Who it is for

  • Anyone who is participating in or completed our Introduction to Ballet course

  • Any beginner adult dancer who wants to know what is covered in our Introduction to Ballet course

  • Any beginner adult dancer, no matter where you take class, who wants to be in control of their own learning and progress

What’s included

Comprehensive outline of each step in Level 1: what it is, why we do it, and how to do it.

  • Includes positions and directions, barre exercises, centre exercises

  • Plus broader elements of ballet like technique, musicality and rhythm, memory, and safe dance practice

  • Self assessment checklists for each section to help you progress to the next level


Each barre and centre exercise in the guide includes:

  • Translation and pronunciation of the French term

  • How to do the exercise, with illustrations

  • Why we do the exercise

  • Expectations for that level

  • Technique tips


  • 72 pages

  • colour, illustrated guide including photographs for each step

  • you can download the full guide or download sections in low, standard or high resolution


Ballet for Adults Learning Guide - Level 1 (novice)

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