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For the love
of dance and life


About the Studio


Dragonfly Dance is based in Adelaide, South Australia, and offers dance to adults at all stages of adulthood.


We believe dance is an activity all adults should be able to enjoy throughout their lives, regardless of their age, level of fitness, or previous dance experience.


We recognise that the physical, cognitive, and social needs change throughout adulthood, which is why we offer classes for different age streams, as well as different dance styles and levels.


4 dance styles:

Ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap.


24 levels:

We have our own syllabus designed for adults in each of these styles. There are 6 main levels, with 4 sub-levels each, resulting in 24 levels that range from absolute beginners up to professional level dancers.

3 age categories:

Teen, regular, and mature (over 50).


5 types of dance opportunities:

A weekly dance class program in these dance styles, with a current program of around.


30 classes a week

Two performance companies, our ‘main’ company and our ‘mature’ company (the latter dedicated to dancers aged over 50 years

  •     teacher training program

  •     choreographic training program

  •     student performance opportunities

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