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Anne Stewart

Director of Client Relationships, Human Resources, Business Operations


Non teaching team member

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Anne Stewart

I want your experience with our customer service team to be just as enjoyable as your dance classes.

Dance journey

I started ballet when I was about seven years old and did it for a couple of years. Then on a concert I was a little duck for the main performance and had to wiggle my bum to the audience. Everyone laughed and I was mortified, so I gave it up on dancing by the ag of 10. Having this bad experience kept me away from dance until I had my children and decided to get back into dancing to have some time to myself.

Since than I did Line dancing, belly dancing, ballet, jazz and tap. I started dancing at Dragonfly Dance (formerly Move Through Life) when I was looking for ballet classes. I understand what is like to feel scared to take on a new commitment. You might be thinking “Will I fit in? Will I stand out?” I know from personal experience the classes offered make you feel empowered and confident about yourself. At the same time, you can feel that you are not sure of what you need, what classes are best for you and the frustration you can feel when people don’t understand where you are coming from.

I went to my first class at Dragonfly Dance (formerly Move Through Life) and signed up straight away, eight years ago. I kept attending to classes and Jo advertised a part time client relationship assistant job, and I applied for it. I started doing about five hours a week and the role grew as the business grew. And I became partner in 2022.

I love working here. Is never the same. There´s always something new. I love all the people, meeting everyone and the fact that they love coming here to dance. And the fact that Jo lets me run with ideas, and is very supportive.

Anne Stewart


I believe my job is to make you feel comfortable about asking questions, to enjoy your experience with dance and the people on the end of the phone or an email. I will ensure that you feel part of a family, from your enjoyment to dance and the music to the interaction with our staff and our systems. This means that I will be there to help you learn how to book classes, navigate our website, enjoy our Facebook family and many other avenues of becoming a member of Dragonfly Dance.

I have spent my entire career working in customer service, from a part time burger girl, to management and then moving onto the banking industry. One thing I have learned throughout my time in all my customer roles is that making you feel valued, heard and part of our group is the most important thing.

I look forward to talking to you, meeting you through dance classes and enjoying the journey through dance and friendship.

Biography and qualifications

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