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I am confused. I commented on Leanne's post and it had me as "R" with what looks like close up photo of leather couch. Then I go out to my profile and it has another me as my full name and the photo I used to set up since this new Wix page. Help??? Maybe I have 2 accounts ???

Jo McDonald
Jo McDonald

Hi Roey. You have two separate profiles. The one with the weird photo is the original Wix profile you had when you signed up to Wix when we used it as a booking system earlier in the year. I has your old Company Membership (cancelled) attached. You have followers and are following a fee people. This is the one that is also in the showcase group.

The other profile seems more recent, has your proper photo, has no old membership attached, and no follows or followers. I’ll delete one for you - probs best to be the one with the proper photo. You can edit the photo in the other one



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